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Why did Shahrukh Khan show dirty videos to Deepika Padukone?

Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone joined Tommy Sandhu live on his BBC radio show in London yesterday to promote their film Chennai Express. As usual, the two actors had a gala time, as they kept poking fun at each other. At one such instance, Tommy quizzed DP on how she picked up her South Indian accent for the film, and she said, “It was very difficult initially to grasp the accent. It took me three to four days to get it right and I could sense Rohit was not too happy with the way things were going. After the third or fourth day, SRK took me through a couple of videos and overnight something happened, and the next day I got it right.”

Shahrukh who was at his wittiest best quipped, “I showed her some dirty videos. That’s how actors prepare.” And the trio had a little laughter session after that. Later, SRK even jokingly said that he realised he needed a shoulder surgery after he picked up Deepika in his arms and walked 800 steps while shooting a scene for Chennai Express.

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