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Shahrukh Khan to throw a grand iftar party at Mannat

With a big ticket movie that has Ramadan Eid as its release date, an Iftar party is something that cannot be overlooked as a promotional strategy. And with Chennai Express lurking just around the corner with Eid as the release date Shahrukh Khan has decided to host a grand Iftar party.

With SRK almost patching up with arch rival Salman Khan only last week at another iftar party, it seems that SRK just can’t avoid hosting one! And so, sometime this month, Shahrukh Khan’s Bandra home Mannat will host a barrage of media along with other film personalities at a rather happening Iftar party where he vows to serve some choicest Ramadan delicacies. At a recent press conference SRK said, “I would really like to celebrate the day apart from the religious sentiments attached to it for all the good things happening around me. I will celebrate it with the whole team of my film. I will keep a party at home and we will all meet” said the superstar who also went on and invited the media.

Well, be assured that we will give you a complete lowdown on the affair as it takes place, so stay tuned to find out more about SRK’s grand Iftar party!

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