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Research on tobacco shows that each year 14 billion images of tobacco are used by Indians through Bollywood films.

  Now-a-days smoking on screen has been increasing and a ticker is made to run onscreen whenever a tobacco is shown. A research by a NGO says that Bollywood fans are exposed to a impressive 14 billion tobacco images on the big screen each year.

The study also revealed that huge number of children base catch these habits after seeing their favorite of list of bollywood celebrities do the same on screen. The fame that the Bollywood films have earned and their outreach to the huge population composing of children and adults shows the importance to regulate this tobacco exposure and to protect the young minds from being influenced by this habit shown onscreen.

The research also recommends that the Government should take necessary action on the use of tobacco in films and can rate the films accordingly since there is no such law currently. Although the Indian Government has made it compulsory to show the warning signs of tobacco on the movies, it seems like it does not have any ratings based on the tobacco consumption.

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