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If Jiah Khan Suicide letter is to be proved forged Aditya Pancholi threatens legal action

A new twist in Jiah Khan Suicide case, Aditya Pancholi, father of Suraj Pancholi threatens that he might claim legal action if the Suicide letter it so to be proved forged.

Aditya has also found some letters in his housed which Jiah has wrote to Suraj and it has been given for handwriting analysis.

Aditya says that, “The police will do something, and from my side, I’ve given it to handwriting analysts. We are waiting for the reports. They will take a wee. When you see it with the naked eye, it doesn’t seem to be written by the same writers.”

He adds, “More than me, the entire society should. Of course, I am going to do my bit. Let the report come; I will take the call after that.”

When the source contacted Rabiya khan, she said that, “If he (Aditya) wants to sue me, I am waiting for it. My daughter did not fear death, she feared love. Now she is no more…nothing matters to me. I don’t care about anything. I am in the jungle and I know the laws of jungle. That’s why I am fearless now. ”

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