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A baby boy for SRK and Gauri

BMC officials have received birth report related to SRK third baby who was born on May 27 at Masrani Hospital for Women in Andheri. The child was born at 34 weeks of pregnancy and weighed 1.5kg at birth.

The baby was reportedly taken from Masrani to Nanavati Hospital, Juhu, and finally to Breach Candy Hospital. It is believed that the child has been discharged from Breach Candy and is home with the Khans.

On Tuesday, Bamne told TOI, "We have received from Masrani Nursing Home a birth report, which has to be mandatorily filed by nursing homes and hospitals to register every birth in the city."

There are no official details about the surrogate mother, but some reports in the media had said that Gauri's sister-in-law Namita Chibber may have been the surrogate. Khan family friends said the surrogate mother had already flown back to London.

The couple remained tight-lipped about the entire affair. But, reportedly they are planning a special bash for their baby in July and invitations have already been sent. The couple wants their family as well as close friends to be present to welcome the baby home.

A source said that Gauri did not want to undergo risks of pregnancy at the age of 47 so, they opted for surrogacy.

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